Tuesday, March 3, 2009

10 things

I saw that on some of the blogs that I follow that they have a list of 8 interesting things or things no one knows about them. You then tag 8 people and they have to do the same. It seems like fun but I don't know enough bloggers to be tagged or to tag. So I've made my list 10 points long and I'll only tag one person. It seems fair I think!

1.I love Soft Lips (lip ice) but for a R17 worth lip ice I really loose them easily! Like put them in my handbag the morning an open a new one that evening, easily. I have given up on buying them. It just so happens that a lost one pops up somewhere (like the washing machine) as soon as I need it!

2.I am an Organ Donor. It seems more use full if some one's life can be saved by my departure than letting the worms eat it all.

3.If I don't paint my nails, I nibble at them. Nibbling leads to tearing and then it just doesn't look pretty! So I paint my nails! So the point is, I bite my nails.

4.I love dark, DARK, deep dark chocolate!

5.I love animals so much that I dream about having a farm with baby pigs, miniature horses, regular horses, 8 dogs, 6 cats, rabbits...OK, you get the picture!

6.I talk in my sleep. I have had episodes where I wake up from talking. I see things like ants under my pillow or I want to know at 2 in the morning where my handbag is....Nico finds it hilarious!

7.I can't stay up very late. By 9 I am tired and cranky. Even over weekends! I have tried staying awake longer...but there has to be really good conversation or food, otherwise I'm OUT!

8.I can't handle raw meat!Even if its the slightest of pink, I cant stomach it! It has to be dry, almost burnt and practically impossible to chew! For that reason I am not a big red meat fan. I prefer chicken or fish and i wont mind eating just veggies!

9.I don't drink coke. I am not a fan of fizzy drinks in general, but coke is just way too sweet and gassy!

10.I love rain! I love how it cools everything down and how it smells! It has rained on my birthday almost every year since I can remember. I consider it a blessing!

There you have it!
Chani, you have been tagged!

And because its not nice to blog without a picture
A field of lucern in Orania.


Nico Fri Mar 13, 06:47:00 PM GMT+2  

eks lief vir jou my engel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Wed Apr 01, 10:59:00 AM GMT+2  

moet sĂȘ dat hierdie foto besonders is.. en om te dink dit kom uit Orania!! Mens het die beeld dat Orania net sand en karoo bossies is!

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